The Mallard philosophy has an immense spectrum and is consistently evolving.  To explain it in a paragraph or page is simply impossible, so we’ve created this page to evolve with our ideas and passions.

I’d like to begin with, simply the idea of community.  This is such an encompassing word and has so many meanings to us.  I will begin with our personal community and move to the larger aspect because that is how we see things.

The Mallard community is our staff and we are a close knit bunch.  We work together, have fun together and most importantly are here for each other.  We all have a voice and we are heard.  Because of this freedom we are able to express ourselves and have fun and this spreads from behind our counter to the customer which is the next level of community.

Our community of customers spans all ages and types.  We have a relationship with our customers that is more than speaking into a box, we as servers are people and our customers understand this, they are our friends even if it’s their first time in.  We have respect for one another and that is what makes us community.  But we don’t live at Mallard Ice Cream so here is where we move another step to our town, Bellingham.

What we do effects others and we understand the power of positive relationships, this is why Mallard gives back to our town not only in donations but in ideas and positive change.  What we do has the ability for great good and although we start on a small scale within the walls of our shop we extend our reach in to Bellingham and from there the world.